How to Treat Hemorrhoids in Children

It is not only mature individuals who are suffering from hemorrhoids; children as well might suffer from the condition. Children who are experiencing hemorrhoids might notice blood on the toilet paper they utilize to wipe their anus following bowel movement. Once children suffer mild hemorrhoids, you will be able to remedy them with some at-home treatments. However, serious cases of hemorrhoids need medical attention immediately. Here is how you may treat hemorrhoids in children.

Treatment #1: Warm Bath

Help your kid to obtain a warm bath every day and cleanse their anal region with tepid water. Do not use soap while cleaning the hemorrhoids because it can inflame the condition further. After cleansing, make sure to dry the area using a hair dryer.

Treatment #2: Lukewarm Water

Assist your kids immerse their anal region in simple lukewarm water approximately 10 to 15 minutes, two to three times daily. Just the same, make sure to dry the anal region after the immersion using a hair dryer.Treat Hemorrhoids in Children

Treatment #3: Baby Wipes

Guide your kids in wiping the anal region with simple, fragrance-free, damp soft cloth, baby wipes or moistened toilet paper following every bowel movement. Make certain to tell them not to rub the anal region vigorously because the hemorrhoids will be much irritated.

Treatment #4: Ice Pack and Acetaminophen

Put on an ice pack in the region of the anus of your child then provide the suitable acetaminophen dosage to alleviate the soreness.

Treatment #5: Hemorrhoid Creams or OTC Medicines

Inquire from your pediatrician regarding the utilization of over-the-counter medicines or hemorrhoid creams suitable that can be used on the affected region of your child. Bear in mind to follow the physician’s direction for utilizing the product.

Treatment #6: Fiber

Make sure to give your child sufficient amount of fiber, particularly if he/she experiences recurring constipation. Pressure throughout bowel movements can worsen the situation. Be sure to provide your child a diet which is loaded with fiber like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals. Make sure as well to let your children ingest eight glasses of water daily. Tell them to use the bathroom immediately as soon as they feel the need to remove bowel. Prolonging the bowel movement will worsen hemorrhoids.

Treatment #7: No to Soft Drinks

Bear in mind not to let your children drink soft drinks because they are devoid with natural vitamins and might only worsen their hemorrhoids. Apart from that, soft drinks can overwork your child’s weak organism with excessive stabilizers and chemical additives.

Treatment #8: Exercise

Allow your kids to adapt several physical movement of their choice because being active will help make their blood circulation better, provide quality muscles and enhance their immunity. Excellent types of physical activities that they should indulge in are soccer, baseball, volleyball and basketball. The broader their activities are, the more advantageous the effect of healing and prevention to hemorrhoids. On the other hand, bicycling is not suggested for children experiencing hemorrhoids for the reason that there will be an extreme strain to the muscles in the lower part of their body.

These are treatments that will help your children deal with hemorrhoids. Once the hemorrhoids did not get better after two weeks, or there is an occurrence of serious blood loss, seek immediately the advice of your pediatrician.

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