External Hemorrhoid Treatment – The 7 Options You Have

External hemorrhoids are the bulging veins that protrude outside of the rectum. These are caused by an increased pressure in the anal area. These can cause pain, itching in the anal area, burning sensation and a small amount of blood is present when wiping. Other causes of hemorrhoids are straining, diarrhea, pregnancy, heavy lifting, overweight, anal intercourse, prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle and infection. Anyway there are several ways to treat external hemorrhoids to give relief.

Treatment #1: SurgeryExternal Hemorrhoid Treatment

When hemorrhoid is already in the advanced stage or had been there for a prolonged amount of time, surgery can be an instant relief. Your doctor will first examine you if you can be a candidate for the procedure. If the hemorrhoid has stayed too long, it develops a clot due to the pooling outside the rectum. For this case, the doctor will cut and cauterize or burn the hemorrhoid.

Treatment #2: Hemorrhoidectomy

This surgical procedure involves cutting the inflamed veins and removing the entire hemorrhoids. This procedure requires a healing time that lasts for several weeks and bowel movements during this period will be very painful.

Treatment #3: Sclerotherapy

In here, the surgeon injects a chemical to freeze the hemorrhoid veins so that the hemorrhoid will shrink because of the reduced blood supply. The hemorrhoid will disappear approximately one week after the treatment. But according to the Mitra Laboratory Clinic, this procedure is no longer popular because of the potential for infection and complications with the anus and rectum.

Treatment #4: Hot and Cold Treatment

Put hot water in your tub and sit in there for about 20 minutes. This can ease both the inflammation and swelling and also promote good circulation in the area. You can also roll up ice packs in a towel and place it on the area to reduce swelling. Ice should be applied about 15 minutes at a time. These treatments can be repeated as needed.

Treatment #5: Creams

There are plenty of creams that can instantly provide relief to the external hemorrhoid. Examples of these are the hydrocortisone creams which can ease the irritation and the Preparation-H and other hemorrhoid creams which can contribute relief against swelling, irritation and itching. It is not recommended to use the hydrocortisone for long because this can thin out the muscle walls and make the sphincter muscle weaker.

Treatment #6: Medication

Ibuprofen and Naproxen will help with the inflammation and pain. Such medications can be taken every 4-6 hours or as needed. Taking these drugs for a prolonged period of time may require advice from your physician. If the pain persists, then your doctor may prescribe a narcotic that is a bit stronger.

Treatment #7: Astringents

Several astringents are also available over-the-counter. They are used to dry up and cool the area to provide instant relief. These products contain witch hazel or aloe gel and are available in the form of pads. After coming from the bathroom, clean the area well and pat dry, and use one of the pads. You can feel immediate relief with the symptoms.

There are indeed several options when it comes to using an external hemorrhoid treatment. Each treatment is based on your situation and the type of hemorrhoid you have. Remember to use these treatments wisely.

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