Things to Know about Epsom Salt and Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids often give discomfort most especially for people who experience constipation or women who are pregnant. Many people, however, use Epsom salt as a home remedy to reduce hemorrhoids symptoms such as pain and itching. Epsom salt can also help with other conditions if used for hemorrhoids. On the other hand, getting the advice of a doctor regarding Epsom salt is definitely a must before you try using it for constipation and hemorrhoids.

Epsom Salt and Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Epsom Salt and Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Importance of Epsom Salt

According to the independent drug information website,, magnesium is contained in Epsom salt. This is a mineral deemed significant to aid in better functioning of the body’s various systems. Apart from this, magnesium supplements may also be used if you are frequently experiencing constipation since it is capable of softening the fecal matter by transporting liquid to it. Thus, the stool passes easily through the rectal area.

Effects of Hemorrhoids

When you experience hemorrhoids, the veins in the rectum get swollen and therefore causing the pain you feel when you move bowels, sit, or stand. Since many blood vessels and veins are found in the lining of the lower part of the digestive system, bleeding is likely to happen during bowel movement. Also, the anal area and hemorrhoids suffer from itching and burn when the veins start to reduce in size.

Causes of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Based on the, a website put up by the American Academy of Family Physicians, the main cause of bleeding hemorrhoids is the heightened strain when you move bowels especially when you suffer from constipation or diarrhea. Heavy lifting, obesity, and sitting for too long may also bring about this condition.

Preventing Hemorrhoids

High amount of fiber intake and increasing fluid intake can lessen the occurrence of constipation and also soften stools. According to, you can use petroleum jelly to lubricate the lower half inch of the rectal area so that it is easier for the hard stools to pass. You should use a clean finger or a cotton swab when doing this.

Epsom Salt Bath Treatment recommends a Sitz bath using the Epsom salt in treating bleeding hemorrhoids. The warm water in the bath can lessen the pain felt while increasing the flow of blood in the rectum, which reduces the size of the veins there. Soaking your body in an Epsom salt bath would improve blood circulation while decreasing blood clots, relieving you from stress, and easing the pain felt. You can also soak a soft cloth with a warm Epsom salt solution then apply it on the affected area.


Epsom salt is even ingested as a laxative or a stool softener sometimes. According to the Epsom Salt council, studies show that every person reacts differently to this home remedy because of factors such as stomach acid content and medications being used by the individual. These are factors you definitely need to consider before using Epsom salt as a home remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids.

As what was mentioned, using home remedies for health conditions should always be taken with caution. It is greatly advised to contact a health care professional before trying Epsom salt to cure bleeding hemorrhoids especially if you are ingesting it. Not doing so, may lead to more serious danger than cure.

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